Cents For Soldiers



As a military and veteran service organization and nonprofit charity, United Soldiers and Sailors of America - USASOA volunteers and leadership work to support our heroes through our programs and services which have a direct and meaningful impact on the quality of their lives.

Please consider signing up for our CENTS FOR SOLDIERS Round Up Campaign. When you sign up, your card purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. At the end of the month, all of those 'Cents For Soldiers' will be donated to support the following USASOA programs and services which we have been successfully providing to our veteran and military communities over the past 6 years.

USASOA 'Wounded Defenders of Freedom Fund' provides the essentials of daily living and resources such as assistance with rent, utilities, food, heat, transportation and more to our combat wounded veterans and their families in need.

BOOTS ON THE GROUND monthly collection drives to gather needed items and resources for our homeless, at-risk and wounded veterans who have earned, and deserve our compassion and support.

OPERATION REBOOT - Peer to Peer Military and Veteran Fellowship and Counseling Group. Veteran suicide is an epidemic throughout our nation and OpReboot engages veterans and service members of every age and period of service to know that they are not alone. Learn more by visiting our website www.USASOA.org

Other USASOA programs and services include:
-Veteran Advocacy on Capitol Hill.
-The USASOA Wounded Defenders of Freedom Fund.
-BBQ For Our Heroes at Walter Reed Military Hospital
-USASOA Ambassadors Visits to Walter Reed.

We hope that you find our programs and services worthy of your support and donations. Please sign up with the following link https://usasoa.harnessapp.com/wv2/donation/round-ups and contact us if you have any questions. Our Capitol Hill, DC office number is 202-670-3525. Thanks you and God Bless.


Cents For Soldiers as a Donation Box located at any business register, office, or school.

So often,  we become so consumed with our busy, day to day lives that it takes someone to remind us that we live in the greatest country on earth.  The Cents For Soldiers program asks us the pause and to reflect,  even for a moment, on those brave men and women who make our freedom and our way of life possible.  

Cents For Soldiers as a round-up campaign in restaurants, grocery stores, shops and any business establishment that accepts credit card or other forms of online payments. Simply ask your customers and clients to 'round-up' to the nearest dollar.

Today, more than ever, the noise and confusion of everyday life tends to obscure the most important aspects of what it means to be a truly grateful American.  Remember this: your freedom was not earned, it was inherited by the blood, sweat and sacrifices of those brave men and women of our military and whose names you will likely never know. Please #GiveBack.



Cents For Soldiers is a registered trademark belonging to United Soldiers and Sailors of America.  Please contact us if you would like to support our wounded heroes by hosting this program in your business, office, or school - we will be happy to provide you with the details and information on how to proceed. Contact Us for more information.