Storm the Streets

Outreach Program Helping Our Homeless Veterans

In accordance with the first part of our mission, USASOA continually strategizes to remain relevant to the changing needs of our veteran community at large. Thousands of veterans who  once swore to defend this nation with their lives, now live on the very streets of that same wealthy nation. While accomplishments have and continue to be made by federal and state agencies and other nonprofit organizations, it takes a multifaceted approach combining both awareness and properly funded preventive programs  to effectively respond to the challenges and issues facing veteran homelessness.

Volunteer during Storm The Streets helping a homeless Veteran

As a veteran service organization dedicated to ensuring that all veterans are treated as our greatest national treasures, our homeless outreach program, Storm the Streets, directly engages veterans living on the streets. Our volunteers bring them a warm meal, blankets, and the offer of living a healthy, safe, and dignified life - one that they truly deserve.   

Combat and service related wounds are both visible and invisible. The relationship between veteran homelessness and the scars of war and service are quite unique and diverse. USASOA will never makes  judgement about the reason why a veteran may have become homeless. Rather,  we offer the strategy, support, and direct assistance needed to secure them the physical and mental care they need. Many of the veterans we encounter have been given 'bad paper' discharges related to incidents related to PTSD and even sexual trauma. The number of female veterans enduring homelessness is now reaching a higher percentage rate than any other group in the overall homeless population in America.

At USASOA we believe in both grassroots campaigns and doing the heavy lifting. We roll up our sleeves and go into the streets to locate our veterans and bring the hope and care that they need and deserve. Every week the USASOA passenger van makes visits to various parks and areas in the DC Metro area known to be frequented by our homeless citizens.  Armed with warm meals, bottles of water, soup, blankets and other helpful toiletries, our volunteers seek out homeless veterans and being them the substance they need and immediately ask to assess their condition.

We offer them a ride to a local homeless shelter or to a local VA facility.  When dealing with human nature, our passion to provide a better life for our marginalized and forgotten veterans is not enough to accomplish our stated goal and mission. Rather, we hope to encourage and motivate other organizations and citizens to come join us in our effort of direct engagement. There are many reasons, issues, and challenges linked to veteran homelessness.

It has been said that the true character of a nation is seen in how it treats its veterans. Honor our veterans by taking action – join us today and show them the same commitment to improving the quality of their lives as they gave to us in defending ours.  They served us with their selfless sacrifices, in return can we do any less and truly call ourselves grateful Americans?