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In Gratitude For Their Sacrifices

 At United Soldiers and Sailors of America we aim to keep overhead costs at target of no more than 10%. No organization, nonprofit or not, can be successful without the organizational and administrative network and strength needed to accomplish the mission. This mean for every dollar received, 90 cents is directly spent on the programs, services, and items for veterans and their families. None of this would be accomplished without the generous support of our donors and their charitable contributions. Please consider making a one time donation or a monthly contribution to our mission.

But financial impacts are only part of the equation, as much as they help we always need volunteers to assist us. Consider volunteering your time, energy and skills and make a difference in the lives of our wounded. USASOA is expanding and we are searching for leaders and organizers in all areas of the country. Volunteer

Testimonials From Our Impact:   

I can write a novel praising USASOA. They came to my sons aid after he was injured in Afghanistan. They reached out to my family and made sure we had everything we needed. They go the extra mile in assuring our military and vets are taken care of. They honored my son in a recent Gala held in DC. Im forever grateful for all they have done to assure my son is taken care of.  USASOA live and breathe to help our Injured Military, Veterans and their family. They are the REAL DEAL! No paychecks to these angels! They donate their time and energy to make life easier for those that need help. I'm forever grateful for the time they took to honor my son and his family. 
God bless them! 
Kelly Hirz
Marine Mom

A lot of people talk about taking care of our wounded vets. Then there are people who go out and make it happen. United Soldiers and Sailors really engenders the sense of family that bonds service-members and veterans through their lives. They all volunteer their time and money, going out of their way to do whatever they possibly can to come to the aid of brothers and sisters left behind when government resources prove inadequate in taking care of veterans in need. If there is but one organization that demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the well-being of combat veterans this is that organization. When a vet is tangled in a web of government bureaucracy, when it seems there is no one to reach out to veterans can reach out to their comrades at USASOA. I'm very honored to do whatever I can to aid this group of unsung heroes in their mission to provide aid and comfort to veterans in need. 

Nick Grue

I am former SGT Efrain E Fuentes. I am a service connected, disabled war veteran from the war in Iraq. My family and I were in danger of disconnection of utilities, eviction, and in much needed help of groceries. I contacted United Soldiers and Sailors of America, and was contacted by Mr John Yorie President of this great organization to discuss our situation of financial hardship within a couple of days we were overnighted Visa gift cards to help in any way we needed, and we were able to use it towards our delinquent rent. I was only a couple of days away from disconnection of our electricity and were unable to extend any more days. USASOA contacted the provider himself and they were able to extend our disconnect date, which gave the org. time to raise money for my family with a fundraiser on their face Book Page, and raffled of a television on Capitol Hill during the US Marine’s Festival. Our energy bill was very high in $ amount but they were able to raise enough money to completely bring it up to date, which has released allot of stress. USASOA has touched our lives in many ways, knowing that there is good people that care for us wounded warriors, and that understand what we go through as we re-enter the civilian world, for they understand it is not easy for us vets to accomplish this with so much pressure from financial stress. USOSOA has not only assisted us financially, but has touched our hearts to know that they and their donors do care for us that fought for freedom and for the families that have lost one that gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. USASOA cannot get this done alone they need the great people of this country to join USASOA to embrace this nations heroes in their time of need, in every way they can possibly help. My hat goes off to you and salute this great organization. Thank you
Former Sgt Efrain E Fuentes

A organization run by local combat veterans, who have been through everything you have and want to give back to the community that has given them so much. – Volunteer

Our military fight for our freedom. They risk their lives to keep our great nation safe. USASOA is a wonderful organization run by an incredible group of individuals that recognize and honor those that serve. – Donor