Boots On The Ground

our awareness and action campaign

John Yori, President and Co-founder, loading up a truck  to take to Walter Reed Military Hospital with the items collected for our wounded heroes.

John Yori, President and Co-founder, loading up a truck  to take to Walter Reed Military Hospital with the items collected for our wounded heroes.

Boots On the Ground is a grassroots collection campaign that serves our ill, injured and wounded veterans and their families in need as well as our at-risk and homeless veterans.

Boots On The Ground raises awareness among the American people to the current struggle for essential goods and services that many of our ill, injured and wounded veterans and their families encounter.

Secondly, Boots on the Ground  is an actual collection drive to gather various basic items and goods for our wounded veterans and their families in need. The items we collect are distributed to our wounded through the American Red Cross Stations located within our  our military  hospitals. We also distribute the items directly to our homeless and at-risk veterans through our Storm The Streets program. Your donation of needed items directly reach our wounded and other vulnerable veterans in need. 

 If you are interested in holding a Boots On the Ground in your neighborhood,  school, office or in front of a grocery store, please click the link below for more information. 

Please consider making a donation of one of the items in the list below. If you are able to do more, please do so. The items can be mailed to our office - please consider using Amazon Smile as United Soldiers and Sailors of America is charity-associated. For larger orders, we will arrange to pick them up from your home or office in the DC Metro area

Mailing address:
United Soldiers and Sailors of America
700 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Suite 2104
Washington, DC 20003

In addition, for the past 2 years, USASOA has partnered with Giant Foods to hold a monthly BOOTS ON THE GROUND campaign in front of their stores during the warmer months. Upon entering the store, our volunteers hand their customers a card with a list of the items most needed by our wounded at Walter Reed. We ask them to please consider making a purchase of one or several of the items and to drop them off at our table in front of the store as they leave.

DONATION LIST - Supplies We Need
*Please note, for patient safety, all items must be new & unused.
Toiletries (for men & women)

Full Size Body Wash
Full Size 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner
Travel Size Lotion
Travel Size Mouthwash
Deodorant (male & female)
Electric Razor
Laundry Detergent Pods

Clothing Items S-XL (black, grey and navy blue)
Sweatshirts (hoodies with and without zippers)
Open Bottom Sweatpants (non-cinch bottoms)
Plain athletic shorts (nylon workout shorts)

Gift Cards
Amazon or Target Gift Cards
Gas Cards (Exxon, Sunoco, Shell, BP)
Giant/Safeway Gift Cards
Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards
Subway Gift Cards

Xbox One and PS4 Games (New Releases)
PS4 and Xbox One Wireless Controllers
I-Pad, I-Pod touch, PS4, Xbox One

Other Items
Coloring Books (adult & children)
Crayons & Colored Pencils
Small Children’s & Baby Toys
LEGOs (all ages & sizes)
Prepackaged Snacks – beef jerky, trail mix, chips,
fruit snacks, granola bars etc

Letters For Our Heroes

The calendar is filled with holidays ranging from Valentine's Day to July 4th all the way to Christmas. Part of our Boots on the Ground Campaign includes fulfilling the first part of our mission statement: providing the essentials of life to ill, injured, and wounded veterans and service members through charitable contributions and programs. 

This includes letters sent from all over the nation to soldiers we reach out to at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. If you would like to send a letter to a wounded soldier for an upcoming holiday, or any other holiday, send one to us at:

BOTG: Letters for Our Heroes
700 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
Office 2104
Washington, DC 20003

And we'd be happy to deliver it on our next visit on your behalf.